Bumps on arms and stomach seems to spread on stomach?

Bumps on skin. Interesting. And what do you want to know? You did not ask s question. Soon we will have the ability to see your bumps with a pict and that is a big help. Till then ask your team or do a video consult with one of us here and you can show us the bumps. .

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Red raised circular bumps on arms legs thighs and stomach varying in size. Was treated for early syphillis 6mo ago. Can it come back on its own?

Very unlikely, but.. It is always to be timely reassess for the outcome of treatment and for confirming what is currently going on in the wake of current skin symptoms. To get all the related things for good care done correctly, follow instructions described in the articles listed in http://formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html. Read more...