Could you tell me what are essential vitamin supplements for women to take?

Healthy diet . A well-balanced healthy diet is sufficient unless there is an underlying disorder. Low vitamin d is being seen more and more due to doctor's checking the levels more often as well as due to changes in its reference range. The d3 formulation is suggested if low. Things such as iron and calcium may be needed but these are not considered vitamins.

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What vitamins and supplements should a 50yr old woman take?

It depends... This depends on many factors including what her diet is like, any health conditions she has etc. Supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet. In general, i advise a quality multivitamin such as ultranutrient by pure encapsualtions or new chapter every woman ii. I also advise a product like paradise herb's orac energy greens for a variety of superfoods/herbs. See comments for more:. Read more...

What vitamins and supplements should a 22 year old healthy female take?

Multivitamin/iron/D. It is always best to get nutrients from our diet, but most people do not get optimal amounts of all needed nutrients from our diet, so a well-rounded multivitamin with minerals is a good insurance policy to assure you are getting optimal nutrition. Menstruating women often will benefit from a vitamin that also supplies iron. Most people also benefit from taking vitamin d-see comments for details. Read more...