I have high blood pressure and currently on meds for it. I want to know what I can take for my nasal congestion? Since the decongestion can raise bp?

Rx nasal sprays. There are two types of rx sprays you can take. Both have very little systemic side effects. Nasal steroids sprays (flonase, rhinocourt, nasonex, (mometasone) veramyst) and also anti-histamine sprays (patanase, astepro, etc) ask your primary md, allergist, or ENT which is best for you. But do you need an rx for them.

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What over the counter medicine can I take for nasal congestion but I do have high blood pressure.

Nasal steroids. and nasal irrigation with normal saline spray or mist. Nasal steroids available are:Nasacort Allergy 24HR Nasal Allergy Spray - 60 Sprays,Flonase Allergy Relief Nasal Spray, 0.54 fl oz, (Pack of 2) or Relief Nasal Allergy Spray - 120 Count $18.99 ( $13-19) Read more...

I am having chest congestion, sore throat, nasal congestion. I have high blood pressure and graves disease.

Avoid decongestants. Because of your high blood pressure, try saline nasal wash and salt water gargles, rest and fluids, OTC meds that don't contain decongestants, if not bette, please see your doctor. Read more...