Sore breasts all month, had miscarriage 2 months ago. Did have first period this month, but nipples are puffy all month, not late on this period yet?

Breast pain. Breast pain can be caused by weight gain, dietary changes, poor fitting bras, changes in exercise patterns, hormonal changes, breast cysts, fibrocystic changes and other causes. Schedule a visit for a breast exam. If you think you might be pregnant check then check a home pregnancy test. They are cheap, reliable and available at any pharmacy.

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I am late on my period after hqvinc q early miscarrying last month I have sore breasts and I keep getting hot flushes.

Need pregnancy test. You could either be experiencing the end of your last miscarriage or the beginning of a new pregnancy. If your home pregnancy test is negative, you can wait 2 more weeks for your cycle to restart. If your home pregnancy test is positive, go see your doctor to get your pregnancy hormone levels (beta hcg) checked. Read more...

Taking oral progesterone due to 2 miscarriages. Last period on 7/6. Ovulated & started progesterone 7/24. Sense of smell very strong and sore breasts?

Ouch! The symptoms you are experiencing are likely d/t the Progesterone- remember the breast swelling just before your period? Prog levels are highest then; and that is part of it's function, to also enrich the uterus to sustain pregnancy. First, let me empathize, my wife took Prog to maintain her pregnancy (our only one!) Also, you may get pregnant underneath this, so much the better! Good Luck! Read more...