Hi, I was diagnosed with MS in Feb, 2015. I want to know what lifestyle changes should I adopt. How much Vitamin D and fish oil should I take on a daily basis? Which exercises can I do other than yoga? Will too much exercise flare up my symptoms?

Lifestyle changes. can be a big help in dealing w/any health issue. You need changes tailored to your situation. Vitamin D and Marine Fish Oil sound good but please see a nutritionist or nutritionally oriented physician first. drhoffman.com will give you some info. Also, a personal trainer or yoga teacher can get you started on a good exercise plan. Peace and good health.
Below. These are questions that you should be addressing with your DR. They have your medical history and all the pertinent information to give you the accurate answers.
Answers. Would highly recommend Concierge or INBOX consult, but here are a few comments: Use a disease modifying agent, take enough Vit D-3 to get blood levels about 50-70 ng/ml, follow a low fat/low salt diet, do aerobic exercise about thrice weekly. Exercise may over heat you so pace yourself. Make certain that your basic medication is potent, discuss with MS focused neurologist.