I get hot flashes and I have elevated live enzymes but my thyroid is fine?

Check other organs. Hot flashes and elevated liver enzymes can sometimes happen with autoimmune thyroiditis but this will be a sort of an atypical finding. Best if you talk with your pcp regarding possible need for referral to a rheumatologist, if he or she suspect an underlying rheumatological disease such as lupus or other type of connective tissue disease. Excess weight (if present) can cause high liver enzymes.
Not a thyroid cause. If the thyroid is fine, then it's not causing your symptoms.There are other causes for hot flash and elevated liver enzymes beside thyroid. Are you perimenopausal? Do you have a viral or other form of infections? Are you on medications that can cause this? It's hard to say without an examination & asking more questions. Pls see your doctor for an evaluation, esp if you have elevated liver enzymes.