What are signs of torn ligaments/tendons in the ankle?

Depends on ligament. Ankle ligament rupture if chronic typically has instability and "giving way" as it's main symptom, this is the same for subtler instability. Midfoot ligament rupture is usually represented by pain an the medial side with a flat foot deformity. This represents either rupture of the ligament keeping the arch up or the junction of the hind foot and midfoot. It could also be represented by pain!
Ankle sprain. The common signs are swelling, pain, and bruising depending on the severity of the sprain.

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I have torn ligaments/tendons in my ankle. Pt has shown some improvment, but I'm still in pain. Is surgery my only option left? Thanks

See below. Your doctor can try to immobilize you for a time. If there is a total tear then surgery is probably needed. There is a newer technique called prp which you can discuss with your doctor. Read more...

How long should I be on crutches for 3 torn ligaments and subluxation (slipped tendon) in my ankle?

All depends. On what grade sprain......at some point you could be converted to a cam walker boot but this would depend on amount of swelling, pain etc.... Read more...