Is this set of bumps filled with pus on my 17 yo son something to be concerned about? They do not express blood and are not painful. Photo avail.

Wrong site. The docs on the public HT site can not review your uploads, previous or future questions. The paid concierge site has many of those features and if interested, read site info. Puss filled anything is worrisome but could be as simple as a minor hair follicle infection or progress to a deep abscess. A warm compress can sometimes help these resolve.Keep the area clean and contact his doc if they cont.
Pustules are a sign. of infection, likely Staphylococcus Aureus. What concerns me is that your son has been manipulating the lesions, which is the best way I know for him to develop a more serious skin infection &/or spread the germs to other parts of his body. I recommend warm soaks 4-5 times a day, have short, clean nails, HANDS OFF, see his doctor who may refer to dermatology if he has chronic acne.