Massage therapist with C-dif. Is it ok to be out of the house & can I work & see massage clients? Started flagyl yesterday. Interview for work thursda

C. diff spores. If you have C. diff you should be careful not to spread the illness. If you're just starting the medication I would be concerned it has not yet taken full effect. I would recommend to finish the prescribed course and check with your doc. You want to make sure there is no diarrhea at all, as Flagyl doesn't work 20% of the time. Important to take a lot of fluids, rest now. Work will always be there.
If you are not sick. Assuming you're not having any symptoms (diarrhea) - in which case you wouldn't want to be at work anyways - & that you have been taking your medication (Flagyl) for at least 48 hrs after the symptoms subsided, you should be able to go back to work & not worry. Use hand hygiene (wash with SOAP frequently & in between patients). C. diff is everywhere (a soil organism) so only treated,not eradicated.