Who is best to perform laser hair removal and what laser is best? For sides of face and I have extremely sensitive skin!!!

Doctor's Office. Laser hair removal should be done by a laser trained physician, or a PA, NP, RN or medical aesthetician under a doctors supervision. Good results can be obtained by YAG laser , alexandrite laser, diode laser or IPL tuned to patient's skin type, sun exposure and hair type. Ineffective on lighter red, blond, gray or white hair. Best also on lighter skin types. YAG may be best for skin of darker.
Physician's officie. Try to arrange a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist. They are among the best trained for this. If your treatment is going to be done by a physician extender, make sure that the physician does the initial consult and is present in the building during your treatments. Avoid going to small spas or other places if you are not sure that the physician is there.