12 weeks pregnant and experiencing vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound shows active baby and heart beat. No cervix opening as well. Can you advice how I can stop the bleeding?

Bed rest. It is best to talk to your gynecologist. It is important to know where the placenta is located. Is there a placenta Previa for example. Bed rest is oftentimes very effective but you should really discuss this with your gynecologist.
Tincture of Time... Its scary to have bleeding in early pregnancy! Its good that the ultrasound is reassuring. There are a number of things that can cause bleeding without harming the baby. Avoiding vaginal intercourse and heavy lifting sometimes helps. Ultimately, time is the best cure. Most bleeding like this will go away with the passage of time as you are farther along in your pregnancy. Best wishes!

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I am 12 weeks pregnant and have experienced vaginal bleeding for past 2 weeks. Ultrasound showed fine baby with good heart rate and no cervix opening.

Congratulations. Glad to hear that you have had an ultrasound and are seeing a doctor. Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is very common although worrisome, I know. But, the ultrasound was reassuring. The pregnancy is ok! Read more...

I am 12 weeks pregnant today and I went to ultrasound and the doctor said no heart beat and stop growing the baby I have scheduled D&C in Thursday?

Early fetal demise. You should have a heart beat by 7 1/2 weeks. If you're certain of your dates or had early confirmation of pregnancy then this does sound like fetal demise. If you feel uncertain and the fetus was under 7 weeks it certainly won't hurt to repeat your Ultrasound as a second opinion. I will tell you though that if your OB doesn't do termination like most of it, he is likely very careful diagnosis. Read more...