I have. The essure birth control could it cause blood clotd?

Unlikely. Blood clots suggest the menstruation is heavy. I recommend that you investigate it as if you don't have the essure.
Not related. Essure is method of permanent birth control. It simply blocks the tubes preventing the eggs from reaching the sperm. It is not related to your menstrual cycle. You should discuss treatment options for heavy periods with your doctor. I am a big fan of endometrial ablations. These are quick procedures that can be done in the office to stop heavy periods.
No. Essure is non-hormonal & is not associated with blood clots or thrombotic events.
No. Essure doesn't effect your period flow. It also doesn't cause blood clots in veins. It's the most effective method of permanent birth control and can be performed in a gynecologist's office in about 10 minutes.
Not likely. Most blood clots with birth control deal with hormonal medications. Essure is non-hormonal. In itself, there is nothing that would increase the likelihood of blood clot disorders/events. Short answer: no.