Can you get pregnant without having sex?

If semen present. To get pregnant sperm from a man has to get to the egg from a woman. If sperm is spilled on or near the vagina and it manages to get inside the vagina the pregnancy is possible.

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Can you get pregnant without having sex?

Technically yes. If you choose to use assisted reproductive methods- artificial insemination or in vitro yes you can. But if you mean by traditional methods- you can only get pregnant if sperm enters the vagina. So if you don't want to get stds or pregnant keep the penis and vagina completely separated. Read more...

Can you get pregnant without having sex on ovulation date?

Ah, grammar.... We cannot get pregnant w/out having sex, but it need not be exactly on the day of ovulation. If it was the day before, sperm live long enough to wait for the egg. If the day after, it is still there and fresh when they get there. The greatest chance slowly lessens - to never quite zero. So, if you had unprotected sex near ovulation, yes. Read more...