I have blood clots while on my period?

Get treated. There are lots of treatment options for heavy periods. For women who are not done having periods birth control pills work well. Mirena (levonorgestrel) iuds can decrease bleeding significantly. There is a nonhormonal medication called Lysteda that works great. For those done with childbearing endometrial ablations are good options.
U Have Choices. Abnormal periods need evaluation; sonogram, lab tests. Non-surgical options include: birth control pills. Lysteda (non-hormonal rx taken during period), Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud. Minimally invasive options: endometrial ablation (in-office), hysteroscopy polyp removal or fibroid resection; and only if these treatments fail then consider hysterectomy - vaginal or laparoscopic if possible.

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I have huge blood clots while im on my period. Is there any way to stop them from happening?

Clots is never norma. Clots with period are never normal and need immediate attention. Abnormal structure abnormal bleeding IUD infection (generally with signs of infection like pain or fever). http://www. Cdc. Gov/ncbddd/blooddisorders/women/menorrhagia. Html total amount of clots of a cup of blood in a day personally, I'd advise ER. Any clots would mean a GYN visit is required.

S it normal to have blood clots during my period?

Yes, but. .. During menstruation, it is normal to pass some smaller clots (say, dime sized). However, if you are bleeding profusely or passing large clots, you might consider visiting a doctor for an evaluation of your heavy menstruation.

What causes the big blood clots when I'm on my period?

Too much tissue. Build up or abnormal tissue build up or fibroid or polyps or pre- cancer or cancer or hormones not regulated, at your age u should not be having big blood clots so please go see yoru gyn for a work-up.

What could be causing the blood clots during my period?

Anovulation. Most likely a cycle where the ovary fails to let loose an egg. These self-normalize. To be safe, take a home pregnancy test. If it persists, see your doctor.