I have a bump on my lip, its not a cold sore and when I try to pop it like a pimple there's no puss and it hurts when I squeez?

See Dentist. This requires eyes on it to best identify/diagnose. Depending on history of chewing/biting lip, bumping it, etc. it can be many things. Location also important and duration. Can be traumatic fibroma, lipoma, cyst (not likely), etc. Get it examined and treated. Good Luck.

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I discovered a pimple like bump right on the lip (not lipline) and I popped it and clear liquid came out. Does not hurt at all, cold sore or pimple?

Maybe neither. It is not clear as to what this is. This may be a mucocoele. It is not uncommon for this to be there. Cold sore or pimple would or is usually painful. If it does not resolve see someone. Read more...

I have had three small pimple like bumps on my bottom lip now for like over a month now with the symptoms of a cold sore but they haven't open or grew?

Are they painful? If they are not painful they may be small cysts called milia. They can be removed by your local dermatologist and are not dangerous. Cold sores are painful. Read more...