Anal itching and leakage. What could the problem be?

Many things. Inadequate fluid can cause some leakage and difficult hygeine after a bm. If the stool is pasty and smears and you use a lot of tissue to get clean, and then 1-3 hrs later have soiled, you are behind on your fluids by 4-5 glasses. Also excess caffeine can cause the leakage and itching. Best to eliminate caffeiene and increase your fluids. Should resolve in 10-14 days.

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Greenish vaginal discharge and anal itching, what to do?

Vaginal discharge. The vaginal discharge and anal itching do not necessarily have anything to do with each other. The discharge sounds like bacterial vaginosis. The itching sounds like yeast. Both could have other explanations, so you would probably be best off having an exam by a doctor who could also give you the best treatment.

I was wondering what would cause anal itching/redness and yellow greenish discharge?

Anal discharge. I am wondering if you have any pain or any fever. Could you have an STD? Is the itching constant? What amount of the yellow greenish discharge are you talking about? Have your bowel habits changed? Are you otherwise healthy? Did something trigger this? Please clarify and I'd be happy to help you.

Vaginal itching and discharge also a lot of anal itching cud it be pinworms?

Anal itching. Yes, sometimes pin worms could affect the vulva area, but more likely two different problems.

I'm 22 and after a bowel movement I have anal itching with leakage what is the chance its colon cancer?

Hemorrhoids. Much more likely that you have hemorrhoids rather than colon cancer. At age 22 is extremely unlikely. If it does not resolve with some fiber, which will bulk up the stools and keep them soft, then see your doctor.
Not likely. Anal leakage and itching are not common signs of colon cancer, especially for someone your age. However, these are uncomfortable and concerning symptoms and should be checked out by a doctor.

I'm 22 with minor anal leakage after bowel movement with anal itching is anal leakage sign of colon cancer?

Unlikely. At your age, your symptoms are unlikely to be due to colon cancer. However, you should be evaluated by an md because this is a situation that should be corrected.
Doubtful. Although rectal/anal cancer can have some leakage issues, it's unlikely at your age. More common would be hemorrhoids causing leakage. Either way, you should see your physician.

I'm suffering from anal itching, discharge and diarrhea. What can I take for this?

What is cause? Dont you want to know the cause of the anal itching? It could be an infection? I suggest you see your doctor and let him examine you and try to find the particular cause, so he can tailor his treatment to your cause.

Yesterday unexpectedly I got anal itching and I don't know why. What could it be? Usually it itches during the morning and night, not the afternoon.

Rash or pinworms? . This is a common symptom of a pinworm infection. It is not life-threatening and easy to treat. See your doctor and explain what's going on. You could also have a rash that might need a non-prescription cream or ointment. Itchiness in that area is common, and a quick visit with the doctor should be diagnostic and helpful.