Non acidic reflux with normal manometery also gastroperosis what will work doc prescribed PPI and levosulpride hw PPI work if one have non acidic ref?

See answer. Sometimes PPI's can help. One reason is that "non-acid" is defined as pH >4. The range of pH from 4-7 is actually weakly acidic but usually doesn't cause symptoms. Some patients with "non-acid" GERD have a hypersensitive esophagus lining and get symptoms of esophagitis. Gastroparesis complicates the picture and will contribute to reflux. For approaches to treatment of non-acid Gerd **see comments.
Hard to tell . It's hard to tell if it is non acidic or acidic. If you have inflammation at distal esophageal junction, then it's most likely changes due to gerd. See if ppi helps with any symptoms. .
It should. there is three part to the disease. a hiatal hernia, and that will not go away with pills, but it could be managed by weight loss, multiple small meals, avoiding a tight cloths, and sleeping with the head elevated. reflux, and that allowing the content of the stomach to go up in the esophagus. the acid damage to the lining of the esophagus. you need to control all the parts to have a successful Rx.