My daughter has had bloody noses since she was very small. Lately they are the worst I have seem them. What is the best way to stop. Them? Air is d

See ENT. The most common cause of nosebleeds that i see is allergies. The vessels in the nose become very fragile and bleed at the slightest irritation. Vaseline up the nose twice a day for three weeks helps that. If the nosebleeds are becoming more frequent or harder to stop, it is time to see the ENT for evaluation.
Squeeze nostril. Recurrent nosebleeds are often the result of removing the last nosebleed's clot (scab). The clot is itchy and dry, so children pick their noses, and the nosebleed reoccurs. At the first sign of a nosebleed, firmly squeeze the lower, fleshy part of the nose, for 5 full minutes. This is ususally stop the bleed and the clot is tiny/less irritating. Saline gel in the nose 2-3 times a day helps.