Small bump inside skin forehead left side. Tingling left side face, eye hurts, slight pressure on forehead, itchy scalp left side, swelling left brow?

EyeThinkYouNeedADoc. Putting that all together, except the itchy scalp, I'd suggest you get yourself checked for inflammation of a small artery on that side (near the temple). That could be signalling a deeper problem that could affect your eyesight (your eye is already hurting, right?). I may be wrong and I hope I am. But get to your doctor tomorrow for an exam and maybe a blood test or two. Better safe than sorry.

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Applied coconut oil to scalp&hair overnight&covered head withAshirt. Woke up with an itchy scalp especially in the center& it stings! Also small bumps!

URNowOfficialCoconut. Go wash-out your scalp and hair gently with shampoo then tap dry it with a towel.Go get some Benadryl (diphenhydramine) at the local drug store and take two capsules every six hours for a few days and see how it goes (it may make you drowsy)If not getting better, or getting worse, get a doctor to look at it ASAP. Check to see if there are any other ingredients in the coconut oil; that may be a clue to what's wrong. Read more...