I had an MRI done and it says c4/c5 posterior disc herniation impinging on the anterior thecal sac. I have pain in neck and shoulders and headaches.

Unclear if related. While this sounds like it could be the cause of your problems, you should talk to a neurosurgeon & carefully go over where the neck & shoulder pain is located. Just because the MRI shows an abnormality does not mean this is the cause. In fact, autopsy studies have shown 40% of all people have disc herniation, but only about 10% of people ever complained of back/neck/shoulder pain. Discuss w/ ur MD.

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After MRI, dx with c4-c5 disc herniation. Painful neck, shoulder & upper arm. How long should I wear a collar with simultaneous PT & meds.

Until improved. however that really depends upon the disc herniation as if this is large, surgery may be needed to remove the disc from pressing on the nerves. If symptoms improve then you should continue until your doctors say it is safe to remove collar. If there is no improvement then do not wait too long to see or get second opinion. Best wishes. Read more...