Can I take oregano oil capsules as well as drops of grapefruit seed extract in a sinus rinse?

Start with saline. Oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract are thought to have antimicrobial effects; however, there is little evidence that using them in a nasal rinse is any better than simple salt water nasal rinses. Their risks in causing irritation to the nasal lining or allergic reactions are also poorly known at this time.

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Experiencing candida die off symptom nasal odor, how do I get rid of it? It started after I added drops of grapefruit seed extract in a sinus rinse.

Sinusitis? See MD. I've never heard of "candida die off", but quick online search suggests it is nonscientific claptrap. So is "systemic" candidiasis. (Sorry if that bursts a bubble for you.) Nasal discharge with odor suggests sinus infection that may need an antibiotic. Sinus rinse alone is unlikely to help much, with or without "graprefruit seed extract" or any other "natural" product. See your GP. Good luck. Read more...