Lower right quadrant abdominal pain, pain spreading across abdomen and into groin, nausea, vomiting and constipation? (Female)

Go see your doctor. Without more information (how long? how severe? pain w movement? related to period? fevers?), I'd say you need to be seen by a doctor right away who can examine your abdomen and gather more information. Might be as simple as gastritis, but may be much more serious, like ovarian torsion or appendicitis, both of which can be surgical emergencies. Call your doc now, or go to the ER if you're worried!

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Lower right abdomen pain, moves around alot. Fever, nausea, vomiting, tender spot, can't walk/stand straight, lost appetite, rib cage pain while laying, help?

Go to doctor ASAP. This sounds like an emergency. You need to be seen and diagnosed with a physical exam and imaging studies and perhaps lab tests. Do not wait. This may be an acute appendicitis or similar condition requiring immediate management. Good luck. Read more...