Moderate amount of microscopic blood in urine sample. Had cat scan and found nothing. What could it be? All values were normal in urinalyses.

More tests needed. Your initial investigations may not be complete. After a CT scan is negative, should the hematuria be persistent, i.e. not just due to a treatable infection or a kidney stone that may pass, you'd need a cystoscopy wherein they put a camera into the bladder via the urethra and look at the bladder under direct visualization.

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Went Urgent Care for Bladder Infection Dr sent to ER for CAT scan lot blood in urine sample. ER Dr say it UTI, should scan still be done?

Hematuria. Blood in the urine may be due to UTI, but suspect the CT was done to rule out an obvious stone or other obstruction to the urine flow. Sometimes may also be due to TB or to cancer, so that if it does not clear up with treatment of the UTI you may need further evaluation. Hope this helps and hope you are better soon. Read more...