Burning feeling all day after bowel movement and ejaculation? Urinalysis and Urine Culture Test clear. Issues from 6 years after varicolectomy. Solution

Diagnosis first. In such a situation, one can ask for a Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) and for an Abdominal + Bladder ultrasound scan. The VCUG may show that the urine is flowing the correct way during urination, or if there is a problem, it may show urine going into an unusual direction or location. The urologist and radiologist can help figure this one out.

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Urine culture and sample test clear. What is the reason for burning and difficulty urination after bowel movement whole day?

? bladder irritants. It can be concentrated urine or bladder irritants like caffeine or spicy food. Cranberry can even do it. Only drink water for a few days and limit spicy food and see what happens. See your urologist. Read more...