My recent US report read Mildy echogenic and coarsened echotexture no focal mass. Does that mean cirrhosis now or just fatty liver? Ultra sound Impression read: Mildly ecohgenicity of the liver may signify fatty infiltration's or early hepatic parenchymal

Consult on results. The doctor who ordered the tests needs to explain the results - it's part of the procedure. Get an explanation you can understand and remember - perhaps written info on what to do and expect. Bring someone you trust along to help in case you feel too confused by this. Best!
Evolving topic. Fat is bright on U/S.
Fatty liver can be seen in many conditions: obesity, diabetes, alcohol abuse, hepatitis, and other liver stress. It can be reversible and no one has ever died of it alone.
The underlying cause should be sought.
20 yrs. ago fatty liver was not thought to be very signif, but now we find it is associated with many risk factors including heart and vascular disease.

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My us report read Mildy echogenic and coarsened echotexture no focal mass. Recent lfts normal platlets good at 303 albumin 4.9 ast 13 alt 14 ggt 22 ldh 131 fibroscan 5 months earlier was only 5.7 kpa. Does that mean cirrhosis now or fatty liver? My liver

Very complex questio. I would suggest that you use HealthTap Prime to set up regular visits with a knowledgeable doctor to get better guidance. 1st, the US cannot diagnose early cirrhosis. 2nd, your fibroscan results 5 mo ago were normal (in 90-95% of people), ie less than 7 kPa. 3rd, your AST to platelet ratio index (APRI) is prob less than 1, depending on the reference range in lab report. All 3 argue against cirrhos. Read more...