My us report read Mildy echogenic and coarsened echotexture no focal mass. Recent lfts normal platlets good at 303 albumin 4.9 ast 13 alt 14 ggt 22 ldh 131 fibroscan 5 months earlier was only 5.7 kpa. Does that mean cirrhosis now or fatty liver? My liver

Very complex questio. I would suggest that you use HealthTap Prime to set up regular visits with a knowledgeable doctor to get better guidance. 1st, the US cannot diagnose early cirrhosis. 2nd, your fibroscan results 5 mo ago were normal (in 90-95% of people), ie less than 7 kPa. 3rd, your AST to platelet ratio index (APRI) is prob less than 1, depending on the reference range in lab report. All 3 argue against cirrhos.