I'm having a pain in the center of my chest, it only happens when I laugh, cough, or breathe in hard. Also when I move a certain way. Can you explain?

Chest pain. The characteristic of the pain you described sound like a musculoskeletal pain, pleuritic and pericardial irritation also should be considered. Most common cause would be costo-chondritis that is inflammation of the cartilage closer the sternum and ribs.
Reproducible pain. Generally speaking, pain in the chest that is reproducible by movement, breathing, etc. is often caused by inflammation of the cartilage of the ribs. This condition is typically benign and alleviated by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, rest and local measures. As far as your specific case is concerned, it is recommended that you discuss with a physician.
Cannot say. in your particular case, and movement eliciting pain would imply the pain is from muscle and joints. Irritation of the joints around the ribcase (costochondritis) is prettty common. aspirin like drugs heelp.