My daughter 16 is a 2 yr survivor of hogkins. She just found a lump in the same area as before. Family dr gave amoxil (amoxicillin). Lump still there. Advice pls.?

See your oncologist. It is very important any enlarged lymph nodes be evaluated. Hodgkins is very responsive to therapy, but can recur. It is a curable cancer even if it does come back. Please call her oncologist asap to have her seen. This may be an infection, but a cancer specialist needs to evaluate her.
Call her oncologist. Call your daughters pediatric oncologist who treated her. They know her history best and will know what to do.
May not be lymphoma. Often hodgkins is in the neck. This may not be a lymph node, perhaps a cyst or nodule in the thyroid or the skin. At two years she should still be seeing her oncologist. Until its looked at and examined it can be anything including the lymphoma. So make an appointment but don't assume the worst.
See oncologist. Your daughter should see her oncologist to evaluate the cause of the lump.