Is it okay to take prednisone for asthma flare up, with nortriptyline (pamelor)?

Yes. they have very little interaction with each other.
Should be fine. The only medications that are absolute no-no's for use with nortrptylline are meds that inhibit serotonin uptake, such as MAO inhibitor meds. Prednisone does not fall into this class of meds so should be just fine to take along with it. If in doubt further, request the pharmacist do a med intedaction check when you pick up the prednisone - they have computer software that can show problems.

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Is there anything else besides prednisone to take for asthma flare-ups?

Perhaps. Some experts have advocated doubling the dose of the inhaled steroid during an exacerbation but the most common practice is still a short course of oral steroid. Even more importantly , you need to use enough medication to prevent exacerbation which often impacts permanent damage to your airway despite treatment. If you have more than 2 exacerbations a year, see allergist. Read more...