I am 32 weeks pregnant and sill can't keep food down. I have been having low iron. And have a b-9 tumor in my placenta. My doctors wonttell me anything?

Vomiting 3rd trimest. I would suspect you may have hyperemesis gravidarum if it has been going on. A simple urine test and talking to your md can confirm this (urine ketones). You need to see your doctor! you can become dehydrated and put your pregnancy at risk. Severe gerd or gallstone disease are also common during pregnancy. Other problems like uncontrolled urinary tract infections can cause vomiting too.
Discuss. You seem to have multiple issues, not all of which are necesarily related. Make a list of questions and discuss them with your ob. If you don't get answers, ask for a second opinion or get a copy of your medical records for review.