What causes your breasts to hurt?

Fibrocystis breasts. Fibrocystic breast disease is the most common reason for breast tenderness. The fibrocystic tissue can retain fluid which increases pressure and pain in the cystic breast tissue. Caffeine increases the symptoms by increasing the fluid retention in the fibrocystic tissue. Decreasing caffeine intake can help. Taking vitamin E supplements is also very effective for decreasing this type pain.
Could be many things. Hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle and fibrocystic breast changes (lumpy, tender breasts) are common causes of breast pain. Pregnancy is another common cause, along with hormone replacement, large breasts, cysts, infection & inflammation. And sometimes what may seem to originate from the breast may actually be pain from somewhere else. If you suffer from breast pain, see your doctor.

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What can cause your nipples and breasts to hurt after your period?

Hormonal changes. Breast tissue is extremely sensitive to hormonal changes and can respond by enlarging and becoming sensitive. Hormone levels change dramatically during a normal month for women so it is likely that what you are experiencing is a result of these hormonal changes. If this occurs on a regular basis it is unlikely to be related to pregnancy. Some women experience more discomfort than others. Read more...