How can I get a bigger penis?

In your mind. The size of the penis is just the size it is and always will be. Unless you have what is called micro penis, you need to commit to acceptance of your own body, use it to it's fullest and enjoy. When you have worn this one out, then we will consider getting you a bigger one. Yes there are surgeris to enhance the penis and make it look bigger and injections to increase girth but beware. Leave it.
Penile enlargement. The is no good way to do this....Some plastic surgeons offer some procedures that are debated....No medicine can do it....Ever!

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How can I get a big penis.?

No good answer. Penile enhancement surgeries are not a good idea in most cases. Additionally, there are no drugs or herbal remedies that will increase the size of one's penis. Take heart though, probably less than 1% of men have a penile size hat is inadequate to have successful sexual intercourse.
Penis Size. Agree with Dr. Tillet. By age 20 would not anticipate significant further growth of your penis. Be aware that many companies play to some men's desire to have a larger penis and sell lotions, pills or machines that do not work despite promises for penile enhancement.

How can I get a bigger penis? I got like 5'.

There is no way. To permanently increase size other than using fillers but that is terribly painful and temporary.

How can I get a bigger penis? Any methods I can use?

None... Physical growth is predetermined by genetic code and stops soon reaching adulthood-roughly 18 for males, although there have been numerous commercial products touting their magic to lengthen the penis. Hence, all men have to learn how to adopt and adapt whatever their life might have brought to them timely so to live a realistic happy life. More? Ask the doc, preferably a urologist.
Overweight? In addition to the excellent advice of another doc about enjoying life as is, are you overweight? If so and you reduce, some of the penis shaft under the fat will be exposed and lengthen things a bit. This may be a motivator that can help w/overall health more than cosmetic/length concerns. Peace and good health.

How can I get a bigger penis? Any methods I can use?

Not happening. There is not any proven, clinically tried and scientifically documented way to accomplish this. There are many people out there who will make claims of treatments to grow the penis, but beware of their claims. The age of charlatans in medicine remains alive and unfortunately well.

How can I get a bigger and thicker penis?

No such thing. It is unlikely that there is a product that can do this. Beware of scams. You should be happy with your body and I am sure your partners are not that interested in your concern.
Not the right place. It may be more helpful to schedule appointment with your PCP and discuss any sexual problems. Depending on history and exam finding, he/she will give you proper recommendation.
Nothing. Feel good and confident with what you have. With a good relationship your partner will be satisfied irrespective of your size.

How can I get my penis bigger naturally?

You cant. You cant. It is the size it is so find a way to be comfortable with things you have no control over and cannot change.

How can I get my penis bigger.? Surgery is right option or not.? Which is the best treatment for this.?

Live with it. Sorry, but you cannot make your penis grow. What you see - is what you get - nothing more - nothing less. In spite of all the ads you see on the internet, you have to live with what you have. There are some surgical procedures to release the penile suspensory ligament, giving you more "useable" length to what you already have, but this can also effect other issues.