I have swollen tonsils than two months and severe pain in my throat and my mouth and the antibiotic does not work with me?

Evaluation. You should evaluated by ENT ,because you may need tonsillectomy.
Cannot say. without an exam, I can only give general information, and viral infection is quite common--especially at this age. Mononucleosis is one particular one that lasts months.

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I have yellow beans on the swollen tonsils and pain for two months with my mouth and throat pain and My throat is always red-hot?

Chr Tonsillitis.... Change your tooth brush, Take a course of antibiotic, warm slt water gargle for few days, rinse your mouth clean after each meal, make habit of brushing at bed after dinner. Read more...

I've been having cold symptoms for the past two weeks, my throat has been hurting badly. Swollen tonsils with white spots, no fever.

Long enough time. It's been long enough to suffer from this and a doctor's visit or urgent care is a good idea to get it over faster. Antibiotics should not be used unnecessarily but the tonsils sound infected. See someone ASAP and get treatment. Fever may not always be the only sign to look for. I hope you feel better soon. Read more...