Silly question, what can I do for canker sores on my tongue? It seems it dries at night, cuts on the sides, then I get sores. Any ideas, thanks :)

Bitten tongue. You may be clenching and/or grinding your teeth during sleep, a condition called bruxism. The tongue can become caught between the upper and lower teeth, especially larger tongues which overlap the lower teeth. A mouth guard will help tremendously with this problem.
Mouthwash. Canker sores on the tongue are hard to treneeat because the tongue moves and can wipe off any salve. Your mouth can become dry at night especially if you are a mouthbreather. Even though these lesions will clear-up on their own within two weeks, they can be painful and affect your speech or eating. You may try a mouthwash with a numbing agent for the pain. Try a dry mouth agent, biotene.