Coronary artery calcification...I take adalat (nifedipine) blood pressure ok but heart rate high 110 at rest. Feel heaveness on chest and shortness of breath. Help?

Need examination. That is an abnormal resting heart rate and for someone your age & history of coronary artery calcification as you state- if this is entirely new for you in terms of symptoms then, your next move should be an ER facility. You are welcome to write to me with other questions if you'd like at: but I don't think that should delay getting seen now.

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I recently been having pain from my left shoulder blade running down to my left arm especially tricep region with slight chest pressure. I'm taking nexium for Gerd but I keep having this pain off and on no shortness of breath and my heart rate is 72. I

Gerd. This doesn't sound like a gerd symptom, but seems to be musculoskeletal or possibly related to a nerve impingement from a spur or a disc pressing on a nerve root. An orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist would be best qualified to evaluate you and order any appropriate tests and treatment. Read more...