Is there a fat burner that is reliable to help burn long term fat? Need help to lose 50-100lbs. I'm 27f dieting, excercing 4awhile. Don't want surgery.

Fat burners. No great meds. There are 2 types of fat: visceral (hard, deep fat) & superficial (soft jiggly fat). Both respond to low calories (500cal/day less to lose one pound/week), low intensity exercise to burn fat. And lots of water to help hydrate the body since obesity causes dehydration visceral fat=insulin resistance so ue metformin & hormones. Niacin, green tea, and fish oil can help at times.
Fat Burner. I wish there was a "fat burner", but you are the only "furnace" you have. Exercise is a great fat burner, but realistically, it takes at least an hour of "sweating" exercise a day to make a quick difference in body fat--and that is with eating less food. Bariatric physicians know that the main way to lose weight is less intake of food.. Exercise is important, but even more so for maintenance.
Diet. Stop pop.Sooner or later you have to start thinking about surgery.