Cutaneous B cell lymphoma Polymerase Chain Reaction test came inconclusive. One red lesion on scalp 28 yr old. Are chances for skin lymphoma small?

Cutan BCL-PCR? JulietaS~ why was this test done? For 1 small red lesion on the scalp? And why was THAT disease specified?If this was done without specific need to exclude THAT specific diagnosis, it makes no sense whatsoever! Please go and see a Dermatologist for this to be sorted out but in general, doing these highly specific tests to exclude a diagnosis in a very non-specific way is irresponsible. Thanx.
There's a few tests. first, you'd look to see what cells are there. Obviously lymphoma cells and skin cells are not similar. Then you'd characterize the type of cell by a wide range of tools besides DNA. I truly don't know why DNA even matters here.