I contracted herpes hsv 1 from a sexworker 17 years back. After the sex I develop small bumps one head of the penis which itches. For last two years?

Details matter. Hsv 1 on face??? or genital? How do you know the source? Was it cultured? Treated? Now you have something else not related to hsv. A clue is "after the sex"........what kind of sex? Condom? Lubricant or other material used by either participant? Since it appears only after sex it is not related to foreskin. Consider an irritation or allergy related to something used during sex or used by another p.
Here are some... Current small bumps on glans penis are less likely related with HSV-I contracted 17 yrs ago. Instead, go to let urologist take a look to see if what you have is related with long foreskin. If yes, good topical hygiene with possible later circumcision may be required. To have the needed healthcare things done correctly, follow instructions in http://formefirst.com/eNewsletter06.html.