Hello doctor. I just applied garlic overnight for acne and I suffered burn on face. Currently I applied aloe gel to it. Will it heal? Any serious concern

You'll heal but... Friend, you need to stop reading "pop"/"natural healing" websites. They're out to hurt you. If you're interested in "herbal / natural medicine", get with an evidence-based holistic practitioner. Manage acne with topical benzoyl peroxide; if you're not clear in a few weeks, your personal physician can add something that will work. If you get fever or severe pain at your injury, get seen urgently.
Skin burning. Some people develop significant skin irritation with aloe. If you have more problems with aloe -stop it's use. If redness is not resolving or if there are signs of infection - then medical attention is indicated.
Avoid self medicatin. You can hurt your skin with irritants like Garlic. This will heal but could leave marks or even a scar. Give it two weeks to heal and you will know the results. In the meantime wash it with gentle soap and water. Aloe gel is OK to use and it may soothe the burning. If it doe not start improving in1-2 days or shows pus(infection) go to a doctor as you may need to use antibiotics for infection.