Left knee, inside joint bone is very sore and painful, in bed laying on my side, it pains when it touches my right knee, hurts to walk, daily?

Get evaluated. Knee pain can have multiple causes including but not limited to trauma, infection, inflammation, and neoplasm. A thorough history and physical followed by diagnostic imaging can help get the answers and treatment you might need. Common conditions could be arthritis, meniscal pathology, and soft tissue injuries.
Be seen. I would probably be seen. It usually represents either an inflammatory condition, such as gout for example; or a structural problem such as a tear in a meniscu or aggravation of underlying arthritis. An exam and X-ray can go a long way to making a diagnosis and it may have a simple solution.
Get examined . You need a knee exam by your PCP. Probably an xray and maybe an MRI too.

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Knee pain: back of knee, inner side of knee is sore. If bent it hurts to straighten and vice versa. Hurts to walk at times. X-ray clear?

See details. You need to go beyond a plain x ray to an mri, especially if the symptoms are not improving. Have an orthopedist evaluate the problem. Read more...
MRI. Might need an mri. Mris are more sensitive to look deeper in the knee (e.g. At the meniscus, ligaments, etc, can also look at other places around the knee such as the lower hamstring tendons). Read more...