Hi I had a perianal abscess back in sept although its getting much better it still drains from time to time. My surgeon said it will eventually heal?

After 7 months? . Peri rectal abscesses arise from the crypt glands at the top of the anal canal. External drainage takes care of the immediate infection. About 60% of these heal after drainage. Persistent drainage beyond a month of so is suggestive an anal fistula. These require surgery. Colorectal surgeons and most general surgeons can evaluate and treat this problem.
Issue. The question is if you have. Fistula or connection to the inside of the anus or rectum that could be causing it to drain. This can only be determine by exam only.
Most will... The problem may be complicated by a fistula (an abnormal communication between the anal canal and perianal skin). Discussing the possibility of a fistula formation with the surgeon or obtaining a second opinion from a colorectal surgeon is a consideration.
Family practice . It will take time but eventually heal. Follow his advice. Antibiotic may be needed , frequent cleansing and occasionally surgery.
He's probably right. If he doesn't think you need to have a pilonidal cyst excised it will probably heal. If it wasn't draining, the secretions would accumulate and you'd have a cyst. Always trust a surgeon who doesn't want to operate.