Mom is 65 years old. Was admitted for vertigo problem last week. MRI scan says diffuse cerebral and cerebellar atrophy is noted wid bilateral chronic small vessel ischemic changes. Wat does it mean? Is it really serious doctor? Need your help

Get clear diagnosis. First issue is to distinguish between vertigo of central vrs peripheral origin. Need to assure blood flow in vertebral/basilar vessels at base of brain. She does have a microvascular angiopathy, and could need medication to control stroke risks. Need to find out why the atrophy is so diffuse. Not clear to me that aging explains this. See neurologist. Could also try our Concierge service.
MRI findings. Greetings. Rest assured that the findings you are describing is a description of a normally aging brain. The MRI gives us great detail and descriptive images of soft tissue structures like the brain. Atrophy occurs as does the plaque buildup in our blood vessels as we grow older. These findings aren't causing Mom's vertigo. See your ENT. I hope his helps. Good Luck.