Can E-cigs cause Stridor? Polyphonic stridor after exercise/cough/chemicals. Inhaler 6x + a day. Take flonase/zyrtec for dust allergies, doesnt help.

Yes. E cig is not as innocuous as it may appear. The heated chemical-containing vapor (even if it is "organic") may irritate your throat. The best way to tell is not to use it for 2 weeks and see if your symptoms improve. If you are pregnant , it is unwise to smoke anything since this may adversely impact the health of your baby possibly for the rest of his life.
Upper airway . The smoke is an irritant and may cause swelling in the upper airway resulting in stridor. Rinse nasal passages, use cool air mist to reduce symptoms. A steroid may be used if you experience moderate stridor. Continue your usual medications and please follow up with your PCP.