My sister diagnosed of dengue fever she is now 4 months pregnant. Her blood got 27/150 and platelet drops low. Will it affect the baby and what effect?

It could. It depends on how severe her case is. Here is a lot of information. She should be considered as a higher risk pregnancy and treatment and close follow-up with her OB doc is crucial. See

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I'm dengue fever positive. What can I do to increase my blood platelet level? Is there any food which I need to avoid?

Not likely. May not be dengue related , if there is no bleeind or bruising an platlet count is above 100 , then may just need to wait it out , should go to a blood specialist to make sure there is nothing else wnong. Read more...

What is the best way to increase blood platelets in dengue fever?

Platelet transfusion. There is no known medication to counteract the Dengue virus, so the treatments are aimed at the symptoms and signs. Medications are not available to raise platelet count. Should the count fall low enough that bleeding is a risk, platelet transfusion is the only option to address the problem. Read more...