1 year on tummy tuck, the scar seems higher and tighter on right, there is what looks like a protruding muscle on right, can it be revised?

Return 4 consult. Even after cosmetic surgery, our bodies continue to change. Age, weight, and general health, affect the longevity of a surgical result. Our bodies are asymmetrical to begin with and cosmetic surgery often accentuates that asymmetry. You should return to your plastic surgeon to evaluate your scar and buldge to determine if a revision will achieve the results you desire.
Yes! It's hard to tell whether a bulge is muscle or fat sometimes but you should see your surgeon to determine if it can be improved. You are his/ her personal advertisement. I'm sure he/she wants to see you happy.
Probably. You should check with the surgeon who did the tummy tuck; you may be developing a hernia or excessive scar tissue.
Abdominoplasty scars. Can be revised to improve their appearance. At year after surgery, the scar is mature and can be revised. Discuss your concerns with your plastics surgeon to determine what your options are.
Probably... You probably have a bulge of skin and fat (a dog ear) on that side. I would see your surgeon to figure how you might proceed. http://www.psinteractive.net/abdom3.htm.