How soon after ceasing use of NSAIDS does the risk for heart attack or stroke (from NSAID use) end?

NSAID and acute MI. The FDA has issued a caution indicating that NSAID users are prone to more heart attacks than non users. NSAID use can increase MI or stroke in risk in patients regardless of whether they already have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. However, the likelihood of MI or stroke is greatest among those with pre-existing risk factors due to a higher baseline risk. Diabetes, smoking, hyp.

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NSAIDS cause increased risk of Heart attack and stroke, even with short-term use, according to many sources. Does Prednisone and Prednisolone also?

Risk/ benefit. NSAID's do have many risks, but incidence of heart attacks and strokes are quite low indeed, the side effects can usually be mitigated or prevented. Steroids possess numerous side effects, far too many to list here, but the profile is different from NSAID's in many respects. All meds, even tylenol (acetaminophen) have risks. Follow your doctor's recommendations. Read more...