Are red veins in eyes due to dry eyes permanent?

Not necessarily. If you can control the dryness with regular usage of artificial tear (preferably single-use without preservative) you may be able to reverse it assuming that's the only reason for the redness. Plugging the duct draining from the eye to the nose may also conserve more tear. Restasis drop (RX) can be very effective if all else failed.

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Dry eyes. Using eye gel 3x/day + no preservatives artificial tears. Eyes always a lot of red veins. Means long term inflammation? Permanent damage?

Some thoughts. Without an actual examination, I cannot give specific medical advice on your particular health and... there's a wide variety of causes of dry eyes. Medicine effects, autoimmune disease (sjorgren's), age, low humiidty/hi wind and feel that way from irritation (foreign body, infection, allergy, etc.) Read more...

Does Lotemax (loteprednol) help taking out red veins in eyes due to Dry Eyes?

Lotemax (loteprednol) isn't Visine. It's an anti-inflammatory drops intended to reduce inflamed conjunctiva & eyelids due to inflammation or extreme allergic responses, where eyes may look red, but it's not an ocular decongestant to vasoconstrict blood vessels.So the category & drug action is different. In dry eye syndrome, it's usually due lack of oil gland production to keep tears on eyes, where lubricating drops are used instead. Read more...