24 M, 5'11", 178lbs, no smoke & drink. Have stabbing left chest pain. Hard to breath. Easily tired. Had cardio test, normal cbc, ecg, echo, stress. Still bad.

Non-cardiac. Your symptoms are not typical of heart disease and your negative workup confirms it. A different diagnosis needs to be considered. Your pain is either pleural based or muscular. Physical exam and possibly xray and blood work can distinguish the cause. Warmest wishes.

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Been to ER several times with chest pains that have gotten worse. Sharp pains woke me and left shoulder/burns. Normal cbc, echo, stress, ekg, xray.

Stomach/esophagus. If you have not been hooked to an EKG during an episode of pain, you should get further cardiac workup: rule out coronary spasm. If the ED physicians ruled out heart problems, you should see a gastroenterologist; possible further workup includes manometry (checking the tightness of your esophagus), esophageal pH (checking for acid reflux), and an EGD ("upper endoscopy"). Read more...