Why does my ear always itch?

Probably your fault. Almost all of my patients with itchy ears clean their ears with qtips or use peroxide or other measures. You need healthy wax in your ear canals. Wax moistens and protects the skin. Remove healthy wax and your skin drys outs and becomes inflamed. This leads to itching. Stop cleaning your ears. Get some1% Hydrocortisone cream. With a clean finger take some cream and rub it into your ears 3xday 1 wk.

Related Questions

Why does my ear canal always itch? Only my right ear. No ear infection. Tmj on right side.

Dry skin. Have your doctor look inside your ear canal with the otoscope. They will be able to see dry skin, wax, infection and other things. This way you will get the best diagnosis and treatment. Good luck.
Otitis. Likely otitis from using Q-tips. Try ear drops that are used for that purpose. See ENT doc if necessary.
TMJ dysfunction. The most ear pain and ear itching is not caused by an inner ear infection, rather, TMJ more commonly is the culprit. The good news is that after the temporo-mandibular joint disorder is treated, the ear pain will resolve. See your PCP for consultation.