My doctor put me on 1 mg klonopin plus 10 mg ambien for insomnia and anxiety to be taken together. I feel awful when I take together and doesn't really work that great? Wouldn't it be better to just increase the ambien and stop the klonopin?

Bad combo. Combining these medications should be avoided, since they are both sedatives/hypnotics. Also, long-term use of amben is not recommended. It would actually be better to treat your underlying anxiety to try and resolve your sleep issues, since long-term ambien (zolpidem) use leads to rebound insomnia and addiction.
Medical advice. This is a question that really needs to go to your prescribing medical provider. You are taking a sedative/ hypnotics & a benzodiazapine. These are big guns and a doctor who doesn't know you shouldn't be directing how you should take them. Would discuss with your provider. Take care.